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Sophie Marceau : Movie : Fanfan

Title : Fanfan
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Year : 1993
Role : Fanfan
Director : Alexandre Jardin
Language : French

Fanfan aka Fanfan & Alexandre, Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

Alexandre (Vincent Perez) has been through the cycle of seeing the initial passion in romantic encounters burn off and having the relationship become routine and boring.

He thinks that this happens for two reasons: the courtship and wooing dance ends, and mere sex enters the picture. He is determined to prevent this cycle from happening with his latest love-interest, a sexy young woman named Fanfan (Sophie Marceau).

However, despite the delightful, romantic and inventive ways he discovers for them to spend time together, Fanfan finds his refusal to go to bed with her increasingly irritating; their burgeoning relationship is seriously jeopardized by Alexandre's attachment to his plan.

This film is based on the director's best-selling novel, which was translated into almost two dozen languages.

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