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Sophie Marceau : Movie : Marquise

Title : Marquise
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Year : 1997
Role : Marquise du Parc
Director : Véra Belmont
Language : French

The film, set in the 17th century, depicts the story of Marquise du Parc (Sophie Marceau) - Marquise-Thérèse de Gorla, a young dancer discovered by Molière in a market in Lyon, France.

We follow her move to Paris where she ends by dancing in the arms of King Louis XIV of France and becomes mistress to the author Jean Racine. His play Andromaque was written to express his love for her.

The film sparked some controversy when, on its release the French magazine Le Parisien quotes Sophie Marceau as declaring "The making of this film was a nightmare and I'll remember it as one of the worst memories of my life. I didn't get on with Véra Belmont at all and I won't support this film."

For her part, Véra Belmont replied on the french radio station France Inter, "One day she likes me, the next she hates me. I don't think she likes being directed by a woman."

Despite the friction between director and actress, the film is wonderfully full of atmosphere and Sophie brings Marquise to life exquisitely.